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D.I.Y. Halloween @ Home

One of the many highlights of the autumn is the celebrations. We love celebrating the harvest season, the equinox, Thanksgiving, but we also love Halloween. We all can agree that Halloween has a special place in our hearts. We have memories of getting dressed in our favourite costumes and going out in the neighbourhood to collect bags full of treats. It’s a time for kids, and adults, to let loose and showcase their imaginations. Yes, Halloween will be a little different this year, but there are some tricks we can do to ensure the celebration will be a treat for us all.

Go Big on DIY

We all have great imaginations, and Halloween is the perfect time to flaunt it. If you make your own costumes every year, great. If you usually purchase your costume from one of the big brand stores, this year try making you costume from scratch. There are great websites and videos that have valuable tips for making your own costume. Get started on your costume in early October and by the 31st you will have a costume that looks good, but also that you appreciate because you put the time to make it unique.

Another trick for Halloween is to make your Halloween interior and exterior décor the talk of the neighbourhood. The whole family can participate in putting spooky spider webs on the lawn, or paper chains around the mailbox. Take pictures of your house and post it on social media for friends and family to see.

Throw a Family Halloween Party and Learn a Halloween Dance

Have an intimate Halloween party at home. Play board games and maybe even make a list of classic scary movies to watch. Oh, and what is a party without music? Another fun activity is listening to Halloween themed songs and learning some Halloween dance moves. This could be the big finale for your home video or play – or just a great way to get some exercise and laugh together as a family. Search YouTube for “Monster Mash Dance”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or “Monster Shuffle”. If the choreography is too hard, then make your own dance moves. Other dance games you can play are freeze dance and musical chairs. Have a spook-tacular Halloween party that you will never forget. And make sure you wear your costumes!

Create a Halloween Home Movie or play

Once you have the costume and décor completed, then you are ready for lights, camera and action. Have the kids write a script and film a short homemade scary movie. You don’t need a professional camera, simply use your phone to record. Homemade movies are a great way to save precious memories for years to come. If you wish, share the movie with neighbours and challenge them to make their own spooky films.

Make Halloween Treats

Finally, make your own Halloween treats. From cookies frosted to look like witch hats to tangerines peeled and garnished with mint to look like pumpkins, the options are endless. There are thousands of recipes online for your family to enjoy.