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D.I.Y. Holiday Décor

The holidays are known for being a festive and joyful time of the year that brings warmth during the cold winter months. Some of the integral parts of the season include the visual displays. We all have fond memories of our favourite decorations of the season. Some of us think back to our memories of the Christmas tree, others may remember the lights around the house. How many times did you drive around the neighbour or stop by the malls just to see the decorations?

There is a growing trend of Do It Yourself (DIY) decorations, because not only are they less expensive but they are also environmentally friendly. What is wonderful about DIY holiday decorations is that you can make them to suit your style and they can be made from the comfort of your home. 

Let’s start with DIY garlands for instance. You don’t have to purchase plastic garlands or displays from the store. You can actually use regular everyday items around the house or even things in the backyard. One idea is making a garland out of gingerbread cookies in the shape of letters. Not only will it look good, but it will bring a gorgeous aroma to your home. You simply prepare an easy gingerbread recipe, use cookie cutters in the shape of letters to make a holiday greeting like “Peace, Joy and Love”. Once the cookies are baked, poke holes in the top and thread a string through them. And voila, you have a beautiful gingerbread cookie garland to hang in the halls or on the fireplace. 

Another easy-to-make garland can be done using natural items from the outdoors. Garlands made from cedar branches are beautiful and smell great. They are easy to make and can be placed inside or outside of the home. You don’t have to use a cedar branches if you don’t want to. Any evergreen tree will work for this project. Spruce, Hemlock, Pine, or Fir trees will also work. Start by going into your neighbourhood or a local trail and looking for fallen branches. Collect them in a basket or wheel barrow. Once you have the desired amount you can tie the branches using wire or twine to make a rope at the desired length. You can also add embellishments to make the display even more gorgeous. Try tying ribbons, or pinecones to it or even ornamental balls. If you really want to get fancy you tie lights to the cedar rope as well.

The last DIY display is the wreath. Holiday decorating isn’t complete without a wreath to adorn your doors, windows or mantles. Similar to the garland, the youth uses the same materials of evergreens, pinecones and ornaments. You can also use cranberries and coffee filters for enhanced value. Instead of tying your branches into a rope you will tie it into a circle using floral wires. Add extra branches to make the wreath look full, and use garden shears to cut the extra twigs.