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Easy to Grow Your Own Veggies

organicvegetablesA healthy choice from your garden to your table

There is nothing to compare to veggies, raw or cooked on your plate that were  picked from your own backyard or balcony. They are tasty, as healthy as can be, and not to forget the money you saved from buying organics.

Top picks to set you off to enjoy your own home grown veggies:
The picks are almost fool-proof and can be planted anytime throughout the season. Almost all vegetables need lots of sun, but some will work well in less sunny locations.
Start with some fast growing veggies. It’s much more rewarding when you can see some progress right away. Also, some of the best vegetables are the ones that are easiest to grow.

Kale: This is very easy to grow and there are varieties that are green as well as rainbow colours.

Radishes: These seeds are perfect for kids because they aren’t so small. Plant in separate holes in the ground and they’ll probably germinate within 5 days. If they grow too close together, thin them out before they get too big.

Carrots: Look for “short rooted” varieties that can be grown in planters.

Leaf Lettuce: Very easy to grow and it will be ready within 4-6 weeks. During hot summer months, make sure it’s in an area with some shade. As you pick it, remember to plant more seeds.

Beans: A favourite and available in many varieties. Grow from seeds and they will sprout within a week! Runner beans do need support. With light bamboo sticks you can build a “bean tee-pee”. Pole beans grow quickly and on such a sturdy vine (they were the beans that inspired the story of Jack and the Beanstalk).

Onions: Buy them as onion sets (not seeds) as they are much easier to plant and grow.

AdobeStock_53923970-001Herbs: endless choices, but the most beloved and easy to grow are:

  1. Parsley, coriander and chives don’t mind cooler evenings or some dampness.
  2. Basil needs well drained soil and a sunny location. Pinch off the leaves as you use them, this also keeps the plant healthy and growing.  Varieties include; sweet basil (most common), purple and lemon basil.
  3. Dill and mint are used in many recipes, as well as drinks. They are best grown in containers because they spread rapidly.

Now, enjoy the summer growing season from the garden to your table.