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Escape Summer with Books

Summer is the perfect season for long walks by the water, rollerblading along the boardwalk, or enjoying an old classic at a drive-in theatre. The season is also good time to indulge in a riveting new read. Why not spend the next month escaping into a new world of fantasy or even non-fiction while nestling under a tree and enjoying a bowl of strawberries. Summer reading can be the perfect escape from stress. Now is the time to distract yourself with adventure, horror, romance, crime, or any genre you find appealing. But where to start?

If you are into fiction, there are a variety of genres out there to choose from. There are romance novels, science-fiction stories, horror, crime, and countless others. A tip for finding the right book is thinking about your favourite movies. Did you like the recent thriller movie, or did you find yourself leaning towards action and adventure. Another tip is using the author as a reference. Have you read books written by them in the past? If so, did you like them? Chances are if you like a book by an author you like their writing style and will enjoy the next book. 

For those of us who like to dive into non-fiction there are plenty of options. From biographies to newspapers to magazines, there are tons of options.  There are also skill-building and self-help books available. If you like a mix of fiction and non-fiction, then feature stories are just for you. Journalistic features are stories that are researched by journalists but told using fiction literary devices. 

Summer reading is one of the most versatile activities you can do in the season. You can do it with friends, and start a book club, or read with your children. Especially with the recent closure of schools. Reading over the summer with your kids can be great for preparing them for the Fall.

Another reason to indulge in reading is the ease. Not only can it be done anywhere at any time, but there are also resources that make reading so versatile. E-readers can store digital copies of books for you to access at your fingertips. Selection of books are also available online at most library websites. Audiobooks are another saving grace. Especially for people who are on the go, or parents who find it hard to sit down and just read. Audiobooks are a multitaskers best friend. You can listen while gardening, cooking, or cleaning. You can also play audiobooks while driving to the cottage or the beach as if they were a podcast. Many of the popular titles out there have an audiobook.

Summer reading is an activity that has no restrictions. During times like these, it’s great to be able to give yourself a break and get immersed in a new world. Your next great read is a fingertip away.