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Fashion Closet Purge

Spring is here! And you’re excited to shed those winter layers and blossom like the many vibrant flowers in the garden. Your first instinct is to finally move those coveted pieces from your spring wish list into the checkout bag of your favourite retailer site. But as your cursor hovers over the “Pay Now” button, your eyes slowly wonder over to the closet door that just won’t quite close anymore and then to the dresser as clothes overflow and spill out through the cracks as though to make an exit. 

Where will you put your new items? Sometimes the best fashion tip is keeping your wardrobe organized. It’s time for a good old fashion closet purge. For most of us spring-cleaning can be overwhelming, exciting, and stressful all at the same time but here’s some quick tips to help you spring into action.

Put it Out in the Open 

Give your closet door hinges a break and dump its contents out onto the floor! In order to access what you have and what you want to keep, the best thing to do is to put your clothes in plain sight. With an aerial view of all that you own, it’s much easier to have those “I forgot I had this” moments or the “will I ever wear this” moments. If you find yourself pondering on the latter a little too long, it’s best you toss it. You might even discover you have too much of the same colour or style. Do you really need 11 basic black t-shirts? Probably not.

Divide and Conquer 

Once you’ve got an all-encompassing view of your wardrobe, it’s time to prioritize. Go through every single piece of clothing and organize into three main categories: What you want to store (jackets, sweaters, etc.), what you want to save, and what you want to ditch. But don’t just throw things out. It’s best to further divide that last category into three more categories. Grab some boxes and divide unwanted clothing into three separate piles: donate, sell and trash. If items have rips and tears add to the trash pile and find a local eco textile-recycling outlet.

The One Year Rule

Here’s a golden rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you never will. Do not use the “it still has a tag’” as an excuse to keep it in your closet. If you haven’t found a way to style it in 365 days, what makes you think you’ll think of a way now? If the item is “perfect” but it just doesn’t sit right in certain areas on your body or you think you’ll lose weight and then wear it, toss it. Use your actions to guide your decisions. If you haven’t worn it yet, you won’t wear it later.