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Finding Your Zen in the New Norm

As life slowly starts to show some semblance of normalcy, we know that for the time being life will be a little bit different. All aspects of our lives have been impacted in some fashion over the past few months. As the dust settles, we realize something; some positive changes are being made on a global and local plane. The pandemic has made us realize what is important in our lives. It has given us time to reflect, adapt, and evolve. There is now a new norm for almost every area of our lives. Below, is a list of some of the positive results from the pandemic.


During the pandemic just about all of us took the time to reach out to friends and family. We adapted and connected over the phone or virtually. Many families built a routine of spending quality time together. And in the aftermath of quarantine, people are making a sincere and consistent effort to spend time with those they love.

The pandemic also opened our eyes to people in our community and globally. We are showing kindness to one another, understanding that the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. There have been many social movements that are showing us that we should be compassionate to each other.

Health and Wellness

Personal wellbeing is at the top of everyone’s radar. So many more people are taking the time to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Some are doing it in the form of exercise, like going on walks or hikes. And others are taking a spiritual approach through activities like meditation or Yoga. Another positive result is we are taking our mental health seriously. Gone are the days when we would tell each other to “toughen up.” Now, if a family or friend is in need, we are there for them and have opened lines of communication and understanding.


The lakes, forest, and landscape have never looked healthier. Local ecosystems have benefitted from quarantine because we are taking better care of the environment. Around the world, countries are noticing the increase in wildlife and vegetation. In cities, there have been fewer smog days and cleaner skies.

Workplace Environment 

As the workplace adapted to social distancing, many people started working from home. In many cases, workplace efficiency increased when employees worked from home. Although working from home isn’t possible in all occupations, large and small businesses had to make changes. There has been a new emphasis on technology and communication, which has transformed the workplace.

These are some of the many positive outcomes that have been a result of us taking the time to realize what is valuable in our lives. As life begins to resemble what it once was, it is imperative to take positives as we look toward the future.