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Glamming Up Without Breaking the Bank!

So you have a fancy event, maybe that once a year New Year’s party. Do you go over your entire month’s clothing budget just to buy a fancy outfit you may not wear until another year? And what about that party you want to attend that comes after a busy work day. You don’t have time to go home and change but you don’t want to show up in a business suit!

With today’s style choices and creative trends, check out these ways to “glam up”, men and women, regardless of your budget or your busy schedule.

For women… a bit of sparkle goes a long way

  • Add a silver or gold shrug to a black dress or top, or choose one of those great, new mini capes.
  • Put on a pair of large (larger than you’d normally wear) fake rhinestone earrings, ideally one that dangles like those chandelier earrings from a few years ago. Paired with a black outfit, it’s all you need to say, “evening party”.
  • Today’s stocking choices include one perfect for a party. Select metallic ones or depending on the event, a fun red and green plaid (make the rest of your outfit black, of course).
  • Add red, as a scarf, small cape, or camisole.
  • Add a glittery clip or satin bow to your hair, and don’t forget some dark eye shadow.

For men… it’s always about black and white

  • You may not own a tuxedo, but dark (black, preferably) pants and jacket, with a crisp white shirt and dark tie always says formal. 
  • Change jackets, choose one of those great new brocade styles.
  • Wanting to add something a bit festive? A dark red or green tie, or surprise people with Christmas socks under that dark suit!

from day to evening… For women, remove a layer!

  • Replace that shirt or blouse under your jacket with a sparkly cami or a silky top in deep red or green.
  • Change into dark jeans and heals, but keep the top and jacket.
  • Wear a black dress under your suit jacket, to remove later (with the addition of a sparkly necklace or earrings).

For Men, Go Dark!

  • Remove the tie (if you’re wearing one).
  • Replace your dress shirt with a stylish T, perhaps in white.
  • Take a tip from the women: Keep the shirt and jacket on, but replace the pants with dark washed jeans and perhaps fancy kicks!