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Make it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season is intended to be the time of the year when we take break from our regular day-to-day tasks and enjoy time with those we love. Unfortunately, the season does tend to be demanding at times. Especially for those who may not be as fortunate and cannot afford some of the things we take for granted, like gifts or even food. The holidays can be a sad time of the year for many families in the city. After a year like 2020, it is important we look out for one another and reach out to those in our communities. Here are a few ways to bring holiday joy to your neighbourhood.

Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are a great way to spread the holiday cheer and the gift of giving. Do you have any seniors that live in your neighbourhood? Why not shovel their driveway once in a while. Or even purchase their groceries for them. Acts of kindness can be outside of your neighbourhood as well. You can let someone move ahead of you in line at the store. Or send a nice email to a relative or co-worker about how much you appreciate them. The great thing about acts of kindness is that they spread. When you do something nice for a stranger, they will likely do something nice for someone else.

Donate to Food Banks

With the year we have gone through, now more than ever it is important to donate to food banks. There are lot of families that struggle to put food on the table during this time of year. Why not do your part and donate non-perishable food items. Most grocery stores have a food drive you can donate to. Some grocery chains actually accept cash donations or have prepacked food baskets, which can be purchased and donated.

Donate Toys

Putting a smile on a child’s face is one of the warmest feelings in the world. And we can all play our part in making as many smiles as possible. Do your kids have toys they no longer play with? It is a good idea to donate those toys to local charities. It will be a warm gesture to a kid in need, but the act will also teach your kids about helping those less fortunate. Some toy drives only accept new toys. Stop by a the store and purchase a brand toy for a child in need.

Stay In Touch

A simple act of communication goes a long way. Calling a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while could be the best gift you can give. If you know someone who is spending the holidays alone, then reach out to them by phone or video chat. Another way to communicate is by letter. There is nothing like opening a letter and reading a heartfelt message right before Christmas.