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Winter Fashion Wonderland

At first thought, winter fashion appears pretty straight forward. Fuzzy sweaters, oversized coats, long boots, woollen socks, and for a bit of glam some fur. Faux fur of course. But with fashion, the only certain thing is that norms are always being redefined. Even winter fashion must endure a new way of being. Winter 2020-2021 fashion trends were introduced last February, but it’s now up to fashions most daring admirers to work these styles into their everyday outfits. From 70’s inspired hues, leather on leather to ruffles to flashes of velvet, an array of winter fashion trends as eclectic as they are versatile, to be adapted to one’s personality. Read ahead for a few winter trends to consider wearing for the remainder of 2020 and into the New Year.

Puffer Jackets – The puffer jacket is characterized by its padded style and versatility. Why depend on your outerwear for warmth alone? When you can take a cue from the runways to make a fashion-forward puffer jacket an integral part of your outfit. Men can keep the puff piece true to its athletic style by pairing with some denim and sneakers. Women can have some fun and pair the jacket with a skirt for a more contrasting fashion effect.

That 70’s Style – The 70s are back just in time for the winter bringing with it signature styles like the poncho, cape, burnt orange and red hues, oversized jackets, faux fur hoods, fringed boots and everyone’s favourite corduroy wide-legged pants. The 70s always stands out. It is one of fashion’s most emulated decades. Who would of thought you can dress like the 70s in winter 2020 and 2021? Whether you choose to sport full corduroy suiting, stripped turtle necks, a-line skirts or prefer to subtly pepper in pointy collars and flared slacks, mirroring that time period will be easy to do.

Winter Leather – Leather dresses, baggy leather trousers, bags, belts, midi skirts, funky hats, buttery leather shirts and long leather jackets all these glorious leathery options are a year-round staple in the wardrobes of fashion conscience people everywhere but especially in the winter. Gothic glamour is a classic trend that will likely never go out of style. Leather pieces are versatile and can go with any look, so feel special and keep on experimenting. 

Velvet – Looking for something both elegant and glamorous to wear during the winter season? Look no further than velvet. This textile screams class and elegance. With holiday parties just around the corner, and even if those parties are virtual, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress-up a little bit. Women can wear a dress, and men can wear a velvet jacket. If you don’t want an entire velvet outfit, then go with accessories like flats, hats, scarves and handbags. And to keep with the holiday season go for lovely colours like midnight blues, bold reds or greens.