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Be the Host with the Most – 5 Excuses to Celebrate this Winter

Triple-Cooked-Smoked-Chicken-Wings-2The holidays have come and gone. For many of us, the winter blues have set in, while others are simply hibernating until warm weather replaces frosty temperatures. If another long winter is getting you down, why not find a reason to celebrate—without the pressure of the holidays to wear you out?

Winterlicious Without Leaving Home – While Torontonians love Summerlicious, it can be a little harder getting us out of the house in the wintertime. So why not host your own Winterlicious dinner party? At least your friends won’t have to worry about lining up in the cold!

  • You could even check out what your favourite restaurants will be serving, and pick and choose from their Winterlicious menus. Your friends will be delighted to know that they’re getting the next best thing.

Book Club Bites – Let your creativity run wild for this one! The next time you host a book club meet, make sure the food and drink fits with the time period and setting of the book you are reading. Let your guests in on the secret so that they can make sure to bring appropriate snacks.

  • This idea is also great for An Evening at the Oscars! Think cosmopolitan cocktails and amuse-bouches.

Sport Lovers Soirée – Winter Olympics, Super Bowl Sunday, Hockey Night in Canada… so many reasons to fill your fridge with tallboys and order in some pepperoni pizza and chicken wings.

  • If you’d rather cook your own food, consider making a homemade pizza (or three) and ask your guests to bring some Canadian beer to help cheer your team on!

Okonomi-YUMMY Night – If you and your gang like Japanese food, then you must have tried okonomiyaki at some point. Not only are these savoury pancakes fun and easy to make, but they’re filled with veggies (and your choice of pork or squid) and they’re bursting with flavour!

  • You can pick up the special sauce and Japanese mayo at T&T Supermarket in Cherry Beach, PAT in Korea Town, or Sanko on Queen West!

Around the World with Wine, Cheese and Chocolate – This is a dinner party wine connoisseurs, cheese aficionados, and chocolate lovers won’t want to miss! Send each guest the name of a wine from a different region, and ask them to pair it with a cheese or chocolate from the local fromagerie or chocolate shop.

  • You can worry about providing the wine and let your friends worry about bringing snacks and dessert!

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation mode. With a lot of imagination and a little bit of effort, you can find a number of reasons to celebrate with friends this winter season!

by Kathleen O’Hagan