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My Secret Beaches Spot


Inspired by the trees in your issue, I was walking after a rain. The contrast between the light and dark bark popped in sight, I had to take a photo of it. I had to step back to see the whole tree.    – Sasha W.

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November 10, 2009.

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Congratulations to…
Arden McNabb, Brian Mercer and Paul Lewis, winners of the August Secret Beaches Spot contest. It is the cluster of trees at the foot of Woodbine Ave. by the boardwalk, just east of the Donald D. Summerville pool.

Beaches|life Readers secretly connected…

August’s Secret Beaches Spot had the most entries to date. Hear some of our readers sharing their secret.

The photo of the cluster of trees was taken by the board walk in front of the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool located at Woodbine beach. I hope I am right. I just moved down to the beaches.     – Andrew W.

Hi! The trees in the picture are located on the beach, right near the Olympic pool at the bottom of Woodbine Ave. I call it “my tree house” and go right inside it with my dog all the time.     – Topaz D.

Good evening Friends, I know exactly where that spot is, as I watched this little bush grow into a great big bushy tree(s).  If you walk along outside the Olympic pool, along the east side past the snackbar, and look toward the lake and slightly to your left, you will see this unusual tree. I have lived in the beaches for nearly 50 years, and I recall when this first started growing.      – Frances

Hi All, Wow! What a gift to find my secret beaches spot in your magazine – at the bottom of Woodbine and Lakeshore Rd. just a bit east of the south-east corner of the Woodbine Swimming pool where the sandy part of the beach widens in the back of Woodbine pool not far from and just south of the Pizza stand. Thank you for the pic, I love these trees! It’s a family of wondrous trees that I have admired for a long time.     – Catherine A.

Hello, That is clearly the bunch of trees between the pool and the playground at Woodbine Beach. How many thousands of times do you pass something, see it and not really notice that you have seen it. I love the entire stretch and run, walk or ride it regularly. Thanks for your magazine.     – Marc van L.

My son Aidan, age 9, recognized this photo as the trees that are across from the Olympic pool on the south side of the bike path.     – Paul L.