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5 Great Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Today, it’s hard to imagine not having everything you need right in your pocket. Our mobile devices help us do everything from shop to get around town to go on a blind date. Apps like Twitter, Spotify, and Amazon are on most of our phones, but what about those lesser-known ones? Here are five great and yet obscure apps you may want to try.

Run Pee – You’re at the movie theater and you bought a large pop with large popcorn. As the previews are ending, you’ve already drank half the soda and the movie’s about to start. You need a bathroom break, but you don’t want to miss any of the action. RunPee is an app that tells you the perfect time to run to the bathroom during your movie, and gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed when you get back. You’ll never miss an important scene again. 

Rando Photo Roulette – Rando is an app that provides a fun and interesting way to connect with people from around the world. You take a random picture of whatever you want and send it off. In moments, you’ll receive a random picture from a stranger from a random location around the world. It lets you see new things from new people, all around the world! ($2.79)

Wolfram Alpha  – It’s happened to all of us, we ask Siri a question and instead of getting an answer, you are offered Google search results to look up yourself. Wolfram Alpha will most likely have the answer to your questions. The app searches thousands of domains and uses complex algorithms to compute data, answer your questions, and even compile in-depth reports for you—all in mere seconds. ($3.99)

SleepBot – Most of us, whether we realize it or not, are probably not getting quality sleep. This sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm utilizes motion and sound tracking software to provide an in-depth analysis of your sleep cycle—average sleep time, sleep debt, long term trends, etc.—and compiles detailed reports to help you get the rest you need. ($2.79)

Tunity – Tunity essentially turns your phone to act as a temporary TV tuner for any TV. For example, you’re at a loud sports bar watching the game, and you cannot hear the commentaries. Simply open Tunity, point it at the TV, and it will use a scanned image to locate the program and then stream the audio directly to your phone.