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Adding Tech to the Bedroom

This time of year, we all have less and less time for ourselves. Longer days at work, holiday parties, shopping and various school concerts and sports tournaments. It seems that the only time we have for ourselves is when we go to bed for the night. So, why not make it a better experience? 

The following items are some gadgets that will help turn your bedroom into a higher tech escape.

Weighted Blanket – A weighted blanket is to simulate the soothing feeling and close comfort of cuddling, and getting relaxed to help you fall asleep easier. 

Cooling/Heating Mattress Pad – A cooling/heating mattress pad is connected by a microtube to a temperature-regulating container which you fill with water. You (and your partner, if you purchase a dual pad) can use the connected remote to control the temperature of each side of the bed pad. The temperature ranges from 55 to 110 degrees F. 

Sleep Tracker – Wearables like FitBit are able to give you detailed information about the length of your sleep, the quality of your sleep and how often you were in the different stages of sleep. Although, not as thorough as a medical sleep test, they do a great job of encouraging sleep consistency, the most important factor of sleep health.  Apple users, check out Beddit, a thin, lightweight strap which goes under your sheet and connects to an iOS mobile app to track your sleep data for you.

Google Home/Amazon Echo – Control your lights, music, heating/cooling and so much more from the comfort of your bed with either of these smart home devices.

Sunlight Wake-up Alarm – We all know about our wake-up alarms and snooze buttons, there is a better, gentler option – a sunlight alarm. These new alarms simulate the glow of a sunrise to wake you up in the morning, allowing for a more natural wake-up. 

Sleep Sounding Machines – Lack of sleep has been proven to make it easier to get sick, put on weight, get diabetes and even lower your sex drive. One thing to help you sleep is listening to natural white noise. There are many different types on the market as well as some simple free apps for your mobile devices. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser – With so many to choose from, therapeutic aromatherapy  diffusers will add some serenity to your bedroom. Naturally sourced essential oils, can help relieve symptoms of sinus discomfort, headaches, nausea, dryness, fatigue, and stress/anxiety. Some diffusers have integrated LED lighting for even more ambience.

Massage Oil Warmer – Nothing helps relieve stress like some together time with your partner. You have set the mood lighting, the essential oils are burning and some romantic music is playing, now it’s time to give each other a relaxing/sensual massage with warm oils. Shop around to find what best suits your playful mood. Make sure it has a temperature guide so it never over heats the oils – you don’t want to ruin the fun.