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Cool Tech for Your Car

We spend so much time in our cars, we are always trying to fill it with the most advanced technologies. Today’s vehicles are filled with so many conveniences it’s hard to believe there are more you would need, but we always do. Here are six gadgets to make your drive even more fun-tech-filled.

Air purifier – Plug into your car’s 12 volt outlet and enjoy improved air quality. Unlike car air fresheners, the purifier doesn’t just cover up bad odours, it eliminates them by releasing negatively charged ions that stick to tiny particles in the air such as dust and microbes. The negatively charged particles are then collected on a positively charged plate inside the purifier, removing them and their odours (including wet dog smell).

Roav Smart Charge – This device not only charges two mobile devices at once, it also is a Bluetooth and FM signal, allowing you to stream music to your car stereo directly from your phone, as well as making hands-free calls. As well, built-in locator records your car’s location and displays it on a map that you can view through the device’s app on your phone or tablet. 

WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount – This magnetic phone mount holds your phone securely in place on any air vent. The mount comes with a small metal plate that is attached to your phone, making for a strong magnetic connection that won’t become dislodged even on rougher road surfaces. 

FIXD Car Health Monitor – Catching car problems early is the best way to save yourself time, money and stress, as well as improving your overall safety. FIXD’s car health monitor allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s condition and offers easy to understand information through the connected app. If your check engine light comes on, this device will let you know exactly what the problem is as well as its severity. 

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Properly inflated tires save fuel, as well as improving grip, handling, and the tire’s lifetime. This tool is simple to use, and small enough to be portable. A backlit digital display makes it easy to check your tire pressure accurately day or night.

Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite 
This device offers a number of insights into your car’s performance, as well as offering convenient phone charging.

It can help you find your car if you forget where you have left it, keeps you up to date on your car’s battery performance, keeps track of your mileage, and alerts you to the presence of parking meters in the area.