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New Year, New Tech

Technology is constantly improving. There are ingenious inventions created every year to improve the quality of our lives. And 2020 has no shortage of new gadgets that have hit the market. And with the year drawing to an end, this is the perfect time to surprise you friends and family with the latest technology. Here is a few unique tech gifts to add to this year’s shopping list.

Indoor Self-Watering Garden Containers

Do you have a friend or a relative that absolutely loves gardening? Or maybe you know someone who likes to garden but can never keep their plants alive. Maybe they just wish they had fresh herbs whenever they are cooking. This technology is perfect solution for easy gardening. And what is most impressive is it can be used throughout the year. The indoor self-water gardens kits include a planter base, which has a built-in water reservoir, an LED lamp to make sure your plants get enough light, and some seed pods so you can start growing your garden right away. This is the perfect gift to get an experienced or even an inexperienced gardener because it is nearly impossible to accidentally kill your plants when the container fulfills all the needs.

Bluetooth Smart Pen & Notebook Set

If you know a students or even a professional this gift will be perfect for them. Have you ever lost your notebook? Losing a notebook can be really scary especially if it is for work or an important school project. This gift idea solves that problem. This notebook has the old school paper and pen aesthetic, but it also combines high-end technology. Bluetooth notebooks and pen sets simultaneously track what you write on paper and uploads it to a computer. So not only do you no longer have to worry about losing your notebook, you can also access all of your notes from a computer of smartphone.

Phone Charging Station with UV Sanitizer

During the new norm it is very important that we keep our families and ourselves safe by keeping high-touch objects clean. And let’s face it, the most touched gadget we have is our phones. This gadget looks like a small bucket. It charges your smartphone, and while that smartphone is getting charged, the bucket bathes it in UV light to kill off the germs and bacteria your phone may have on it. So now you can talk, text and stream with the comfort of knowing your phone is clean. 

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Coffee and tea enthusiast can rejoice. There is a new gadget invented to meet your needs. This mug has created a new craze this year. You can use it to keep your warm dinks set to the temperature you like simply by using your phone. The temperature mug can be controlled using an app. So now you never have to worry about your hot drinks getting cold again.