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Staying Ahead with Tech Part 1: Augmented Reality

Every year, thousands participate in the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and thousands more write and talk about the latest trends in technology equipment and gadgets. This year, the Las Vegas show featured hundreds of presentations from exhibitors on what’s to come in tech in the foreseeable, and at times, somewhat distant future. Over the next three editions of Beaches|
life, we will be higlighting: 

  • Augmented Reality
  • 5G Speed
  • Smart Homes Get Smarter

Augmented Reality (AR) – AR is the  technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time. It uses the existing environment and adds information to it to make an artificial environment. The NFL has been using it since 1998, adding down lines that move down the field as the play continues.

Here are some other useful AR applications:

AR to Help You Remodel – Ever bought furniture and discovered it didn’t fit once it was delivered? Ikea has an app that will help you avoid that in the future. It allows you to scan your room and design the space by placing Ikea objects in the digital image of your room to create a new environment with the new products.

There are also paint visualiser apps that help you try out different shades of paint for your room before you buy. Just use your smartphone camera to scan your room and virtually paint it with any colour.

Picking Your Best Loo – Cosmetic company Sephora uses AR to allow customers to try out different looks and colours right on your own digital face. 

AR in Healthcare – There are some exciting applications for AR in healthcare from allowing medical students to train in AR environments to telemedicine options that enable medical professionals to interact with patients. In critical situations, augmented reality applications can deliver real-time information to the treatment area to support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans. Surgeons can plan procedures before making the first cut, models can be made of tumors, and AR diagnostic tools can model disease conditions. Deloitte Research asserts that AR will disrupt the business model and operations of healthcare.

From gaming to construction to AR in browsers that provide detail for what the camera displays, augmented reality apps are being developed at a rapid pace to enhance many industries. As additional ideas get developed, we can expect augmented reality applications to touch many more aspects of our lives.