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My Secret Beaches Spot

When I first saw this, I took a second look as it was so intersting – Edward N. Do you recognize it? Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win a pair of My Beach Stickers! Email your answer by September 15 to info@beachesliving.ca. Send us a photo of your Secret Beaches Spot with a … <entire article…>

Chuck & Danny – Cooking & Eating Their Way Across Canada

Iron Chef 2011, Chef Chuck Hughes defeated Chef Bobby Flay, which brought him culinary fame. He was declared the youngest and second Canadian chef to win the title. He enjoyed doing Iron Chef even though the pressure was incredibly intense! Chuck has been a judge on Chopped Canada, and authored two best-selling books “Garde Manger” and “Chuck’s Day Off.” Chef … <entire article…>

Live the Life You Want. Leave Fault at the Door.

Blaming others is one of the most common reactions we have when something doesn’t go our way. We don’t mean to do it. But it is just so easy to say, “I was late because the bus was slow.” Over time, this kind of mind-set becomes a routine way of thinking. In fact, you can choose your mind-set for living … <entire article…>

Marvellous, Nutritious, Enjoyable Eggs

The simple, inexpensive, unassuming egg is a powerhouse of nutrition, and possibly, one of the easiest foods to prepare. Even those who don’t cook can master the fried egg, and when you need the ultimate comfort food, a boiled egg with toast is just about perfect. Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. They are an excellent source of … <entire article…>

Spring Body Tune-up

Spring is all about refresh and renew. For a week, try a food and diet “cleanse” that gives you the benefits of a detox – body, mind and spirit. Here’s are some things to try:   Hydrate Staying hydrated helps cleanse your body of toxins, boost metabolism, and clean up your skin. Each day, measure out water and/or fluids to … <entire article…>

Real Mother’s Day Messages – What do you want to tell her this year

There are a few things we all have in common – each of us has a mother, and we are either a daughter or a son. Some of us have memories of our mothers, others still have their mothers to talk with, write to, or visit. But whatever the case, there are messages we sometimes wish we could say to … <entire article…>

Spring Cleaning in the Garden

Spring cleaning applies to the garden in the same way that it applies to your home! Even the rain showers during the spring help to clean up the walkways and wash away those last traces of winter. But there are a few things you can do to help nature along with its spring cleaning chores. Check these garden clean-up tips … <entire article…>

Spring Means Change is in the Air. Time to Try Something New!

Are you happy doing your favourite activities? You’re not alone. Human beings love routine. We consciously nurture habits, and we all have a tendency to repeat behaviors unconsciously. Repetition gives us certainty and comfort. But humans also crave variety. Variety feeds our creative side and tends to energize us.  Stepping out to try new things increases your confidence and appreciation … <entire article…>

Beachers got together to celebrate earth hour LIGHTS OUT!

Beachers and people from around GTA got together on March 25 and celebrated the International Earth Hour LIGTHS OUT! For the 5th year we made it Beyond the Hour & Our Community! A BIG shout-out to our event sponsors, volunteers and organizations for making this event a great success, again. See you at Earth Hour 2018! View event photos & video: beachesliving.ca/lightsout … <entire article…>