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Just Your Average 12 Year Old Musician, Author, Environmentalist, Photographer, Fundraiser and Survivor

Rachel Kingstone says she’s just an “average kid”, but there is not much that is average about Rachel. She’s a talented musician who plays piano, cello and sings, a strait A student at the demanding Claude Watson School for the Arts, a volunteer for environmental concerns and avid fundraiser who’s raised thousands of dollars for cancer, and an author. But … <entire article…>

Dreaming Under the Summer Sun – Unleash Your Imagination During Some Time-off

Every wonder how great writers, movie directors, artists and inventors get their next great idea for a book, movie, new idea? Time and time again we learn that inspiration strikes when the mind is at rest, relaxed on a beach or when enjoying a quiet walk in the woods. It is usually during those times when we empty our heads … <entire article…>

Don’t let the Act of Nature Ruin Your Summer

For many Torontonians it’s hard to forget the major flood just a year ago. Because of a summer flash storm torrents of water got dumped onto streets, into low-lying areas and unfortunately filled basements. A year to the day, a less dramatic but similar storm brought about flooding once more. As one person said in frustration, “Our contractor had just … <entire article…>

A Real Peach of a Treat

Ontario peaches rank as one of the most luscious fruits you can eat. What comes out of a tin can through the winter don’t come close to what its like to bite into a freshly picked peach, harvested under the summer sun. Ontario peaches come from Ontario’s greenbelt, including the Niagara region, ready for picking by mid-summer. The mighty peach … <entire article…>

SUMMER EASY READ – Children’s Books to Read Again as Adults

Many have had the experience of reading a book to a child that you read when you were young and thinking, “I didn’t realize, when I first heard that story when I was 6 years old, what it means to me now that I’m 20, 30, or 60.” So many children’s books contain life lessons for all ages, and messages … <entire article…>

Ten Ways Your Hands Say Well Dressed

Being well groomed and making a fashion statement go hand in hand – literally, these days. Manicures are “in” for women as well as men. It’s all about looking put together, whether you opt for a natural look or statement about yourself using nail art. For men: Certain salons offer manicures for males, which include cuticle treatment, cutting, and a … <entire article…>

Pack the sun in your bag for endless power

Ever found yourself on a hike, maybe on a camping  trip or even at home with no power and your favourite electronic device’s battery is dead? With no electricity to give your devices the needed jolt to get up and running, what can you do? The answer is above your head….. way above. Solar panels are becoming very popular on … <entire article…>

Tanning is not Burning

Looking for healthy, glowing skin, a deeper, richer colour, or a “sun-kissed” look that says you’ve been outside enjoying the weather? Tanning, a process that usually happens after you get an initial sunburn, is NOT the answer. Today’s healthy skin can glow, show colour, even sport a “sun kissed” healthy look without a burn. What’s the harm? According to cancer … <entire article…>

Back to School with Cool Tech for Smarter Learning

There are some excellent choices in technology and websites that help children learn and offer support to parents and teachers. Whether it is a tablet specifically designed for a child or an app on a phone or iPad, the sky’s the limit as to what is out there to support traditional education. Online reference sites: britannica.com give you confidence that … <entire article…>