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One “Lucky” Canadian & One Lucky Canada!

Native Canadian singer/songwriter and three-time Juno Award winner Susan Aglukark refers to herself as “One lucky Canadian who happens to be Inuit.” Susan has had the opportunity to perform for Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney, President of France, Jacques Chirac, Nelson Mandela, Governor General of Canada Adrienne Clarkson and twice for Queen Elizabeth. Her masses of fans across … <entire article…>

Cover Story - Susan Aglukark

A True Canadian Sport for Over 150 Years! Lacrosse

Lacrosse  from French (le jeu de) la crosse ‘(the game of) the hooked stick.’ Lacrosse is one of the oldest organized sports in North America. It was first played hundreds of years ago as a field game by First Nations people who played on an area that could be over a kilometre in length. One legend tells us of Chief … <entire article…>

Getting Yourself into a Jam

When you taste those wonderful fresh, flavourful fruits in the summer, many of us ask, “How can I have this all year round?” This is the reason why jam making has become so popular once again. At one time, it was how pioneers in this country preserved some of summer’s bounty, knowing they couldn’t just go to the grocery store … <entire article…>

Summer Water Fun Games

When the weather is hot, there’s nothing quite like spending time in a pool, at the beach or in a fresh water lake. When you are with a group of friends or family, water sports are a great way to have fun as well as exercise. Many water sports don’t require elaborate equipment and are suitable for almost all ages. … <entire article…>

Take Control of Your Life – Letting go of whatever is holding you back

When things go wrong, it’s so easy to blame someone or a particular circumstance. You were late? The traffic was bad. You stopped exercising? The gym was too far away. Your tomatoes didn’t grow. There was too much rain, or too little rain, or too many grubs, or the plants were unhealthy when you bought them. Some suggest we live … <entire article…>

Creating Lasting Memories this Summer

So What is on Your Summer Bucket List That is Going to Create a Lasting Memory? For some, it means doing something, or going somewhere, you’ve never experienced before. This could be a heart pounding activity like doing the CN Tower Edge Walk, or visiting a part of the province where you’ve never been before. It could be learning a … <entire article…>

A Perfect Time for a Summer Splash – Outdoor Swimming Pools are Open

The City of Toronto operates 58 outdoor pools for residents and visitors to have fun in the sun and make a splash while enjoying the warm summer weather. Local Outdoor Leisure Pools Open daily to September 3rd or 4th. D. D. Summerville Outdoor Pool 1867 Lake Shore Blvd. E, 416-392-7688 Leisure Swim, 10 am-4 pm/5-7 pm Blantyre Park Outdoor Pool … <entire article…>

Rehydrate Don’t Dehydrate!

Water for life – Nutrients don’t only come in the form of food, water is the most important and often most forgotten nutrient. Our body depends on water to survive. You can last for some time without food, but only days without water. It is essential for good health – every cell, tissue and organ needs water to work properly. … <entire article…>

Beaches|Life Summer Patio Talk & Winners!

Beaches|Life Patio Talk featured in the June/July edition got you, our patio goers, talking! Overwhelming responses and entries to the contest shows you know where to go for summer patios. We encourage you to also try some new places – you won’t be disappointed because our patio goers had great things to say about all the featured patios. Congratulations to … <entire article…>