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Good Things Grow-Oh-Oh in Ontario

All year round there is a treat that many of us eagerly await – it’s that first bite of a fresh Ontario peach, those first slices of vine-ripened tomatoes, unbelievably sweet Ontario strawberries, blueberries packed full of flavour, a bowlful of black and red cherries, juicy and sweet Ontario muskmelon. The season for fresh fruit is short. Don’t miss out! … <entire article…>

A Perfect Time for a Summer Splash – Outdoor Swimming Pools are Open

The City of Toronto operates 57 outdoor pools for residents and visitors to have fun in the sun and make a splash while enjoying the warm summer weather. Local Outdoor Leisure Pools Open daily to September 4th or 5th. D.D. Summerville Outdoor Pool 1867 Lake Shore Blvd. E, 416-392-7688 Leisure Swim, 10 am-4 pm/5-7 pm Blantyre Park Outdoor Pool 180 … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Lake Ontario amazes me every time. I come here to enjoy the unique view of our city skyline.  …Heather B. Do you recognize it? Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win pair of movie passes to the Alliance Cinemas in the Beach. Email your answer by September 10 to info@beachesliving.ca. Send us a photo of … <entire article…>

Let Your Smart Phone Be Your Wallet

Wallet collects all your passes, tickets, and cards, all in one place! Wallet, including Apple Pay, is Apple’s answer to digitizing all the cards that are overflowing your billfold, purse, or pockets. Wallet stores virtual versions of all your passes, tickets, coupons, credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards so you can easily access them at any time. Wallet is … <entire article…>

Patio Talk Winners

Beaches|life Patio Talk featured in the June/July edition got you, our patio goers, talking! Overwhelming responses and entries to the contest shows you know where to go for summer patios. We encourage you to also try some new places – you won’t be disappointed because our patio goers had great things to say about all the featured patios. Congratulations to … <entire article…>

Back to School with Confidence

It’s that time again. After a long summer break, kids are heading back to school. Most are enthusiastic about starting a new year but there’s always some apprehension about a new year with new classmates and perhaps a new school. Why not send them back with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm! Prepare Everyone feels more confident when they feel … <entire article…>

Two Words that Make a Big Difference to Business

Thank you. Those two words are two of the most important for any business owner. You do your best to provide the best services or the highest quality products. Maybe you cook great food in your restaurant, or provide reliable plumbing when there’s an emergency. But when was the last time you actually thanked your customers? Research shows that saying … <entire article…>

Dentistry in the Beach – A Real Family Affair

It’s a real family affair at Dentistry in the Beach. For over 20 years the practice treats patients as young as 3 years old to those well into their nineties. Many are connected as family, as grown children return to the Beaches to raise their own families. In fact, some days the waiting room at the office becomes a place … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome New Neighbours: Amma Roti House – 2014 Queen St. E. Cakes by Robert – 2116 Queen St. E. Carters Landing Bar and Grill – 1681 Lake Shore Blvd. E. The Cube Space – 2195 Gerrard St. E. Hastings Snack Bar – 5 Hastings Ave. Kyouka Ramen – 2222 Queen St. E. Oben Flats – 1075 Queen St. E. Radical … <entire article…>