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Spruce up Your Home for the Holidays and Beyond

The holiday season provides a perfect excuse to spruce up your space, and whether you’re doing a major renovation or just making small changes, it can be something you enjoy all year long. With friends and family visiting all season you want your home to look its best. Take a look at your renovation wish list, and consider how much … <entire article…>

Light up More – Safe & Save

There’s no better way to start getting into the holiday season and brighten up your home during the long nights of winter than with Christmas lights. They are colourful, fun and can brighten up any gloomy night. They can also be dangerous and costly, so here are a few simple tips to help you make you “safe and save” your … <entire article…>

Raising Your Glass to Toast 2014 and a Whole New You

A simple language or a shift in your mind set could be the start of a life change It’s hard to believe that the New Year is almost upon us. We know we can’t stop that clock from ticking, so when the countdown begins, let’s raise a glass and toast to a healthier, happier, and more prosperous 2014! At this … <entire article…>

A Healthier and Still Yummy Holiday Stuffing

When asked what is your favourite part of holiday dinners, most people say the stuffing! The flavour, the texture, the crunch are all things we crave. Unfortunately, stuffing is fattening because of the butter, bread and meat. Here are some ways of keeping your family’s secret stuffing recipe while updating with healthier ingredients. If your stuffing calls for sausage meat, … <entire article…>

Your Annual Holiday Shopping Guide!

GIVING THE LASTING GIFT OF EXPERIENCE, POSSIBILITIES AND MEMORIES Beaches|life Gift Suggestions and Ideas at Local Shops A true gift should be looked for having the receiving person in mind. It should be unique, special and show that you care. It’s not about how much you buy or spend. Things are easy to get, more affordable than ever, but good … <entire article…>

Tipping His or Her Hat to Fashion

Hats are back – and in a big way. It’s winter, and everyone is sporting their usual toques and fuzzy knits, but there is a ton of great ways to keep your head cozy this season. Hats can dress up a drab outfit, and show a little style. For the ultimate inspiration look at Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, … <entire article…>

When did Santa Claus Start Coming to Town?

Every December 24th, millions are visited by a man in a red suit. We see him in advertising, parades, department stores and television specials. Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Old Saint Nick – but who is this guy? It’s believed that St. Nicholas lived in 4th century Turkey as the bishop of Myra. Credited with doing numerous miracles, he later became … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Wish you were there to see this as well? Photo taken – unknown. Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win the new CD Symphony! by Sultans of String. Email your answer by January 10, 2014 to info@beachesliving.ca. Send us a photo of your Secret Beaches Spot with a brief description. Email your photo … <entire article…>

94 years of Cheers – Canada’s Olympic Hockey Team

The Canadian national ice hockey team is overseen by Hockey Canada, a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). From 1920 to 1963, Canada’s team was made up of amateur club teams (usually the most recent Allan Cup champions). In 1963 the national men’s team was founded by Father David Bauer as part of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. … <entire article…>