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Beaches Living Celebrating 15 Years Connecting You and Your Community

2018 marks a milestone for Beaches Living – our 15th anniversary! Throughout this incredible journey, our vision has stayed the same: connecting you with your community for better living. In 2004, we had a vision to create a resource in print and online that would give local residents helpful and fun information at their fingertips. We would tell the stories … <entire article…>

Being Appa – Canadian Actor’s Dream Come True

“You don’t have to preach diversity,” says Canadian actor, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, “you just have to live it. “ He then modestly reminds us that he didn’t come up with that quote, but it’s how he lives his life, particularly in his award winning role as Appa, where he plays the storeowner family patriarch in the new CBC Kim’s Convenience. … <entire article…>

Your Traditions, My Traditions, OUR Traditions

Holiday traditions run deep in families. We love to celebrate the way our grandparents and parents celebrated, which means preparing food that we associate with a particular holiday. With so many different traditions in Toronto, it’s easy to add something new to festive time together with family and friends. All you have to do is ask an older relative to … <entire article…>

Gifts 2018: Be Part of the “I made it” Movement

The trend is sweeping across North America. Handmade items are at the top of everyone’s list as one of the best kinds of presents to receive. Many artisans have made a small business out of the movement. Each year thousands of people attend Maker Faire, the world’s biggest maker event that takes place in cities around the world. On the … <entire article…>

Put Some New in your New Year

January 1 always feels like a fresh start – full of promise and possibilities. We all get a brand new chance to do something fresh and new, start again, clear the slate clean, and begin another year. Instead of thinking of “resolutions” that you have to do, how about putting some “new” into your New Year that makes you excited, … <entire article…>

Spectacular, Stylish, Stunning Scarves for all Occasions

The fashionable scarf – a simple, beautiful piece of fabric – ais your best style statement when the days grow darker and you want to add some “pow” to your wardrobe. Scarves clearly are wardrobe essentials. Gone are the days when the scarf was a small tie around the neck. These days, scarves are typically long, full, and wrapped loosely … <entire article…>

Entertainment & Sports Season Line-up 2019

A new year and a new season of sports and entertainment begin! Celebrate last year’s achievements and this year’s new beginnings.  Sporting Events: World Junior Ice Hockey Championships (Dec. 26-Jan. 5) Host cities: Vancouver-Victoria, B.C. worldjunior.hockey CFP National Championship (US College Football) (Jan. 7) espn.go.com Three big College Football Bowl Games: Orange Bowl (Dec. 29), Rose Bowl & Sugar Bowl … <entire article…>

Holiday Gift Guide @ Your Local Shops

Giving a Gift of Thought, Personality and Lasting Warmth. This Holiday Shopping Guide helps you find unique gifts at your local retailers. All items in this Guide are from the advertisers in this publication. Gifts Under $25 Classic Fireplace & BBQ Store – Napoleon BBQ accessories (sauces & rubs, tools, pizza stones, etc.) $10+ Envy Eyewear Boutique – Eyeglass cleaner kits, cloths, … <entire article…>

The Return of Parlour Games: Move Over Tech Gadgets

Party games have definitely enjoyed a resurgence in popularity these days. Without a doubt, they are a great way to break the ice or bring people together. Party games are tech-free, “green”, and many are inclusive (all ages can play). Many even enjoy watching others play party games!  Have you seen the popular television show, Hollywood Game Night? Now in … <entire article…>