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All Your New Year’s Resolutions Lead to Living to the Fullest

We all have our individual reasons and experiences for why we want to “seize the day”– (in Latin the famous 2,000 year old phase is “carpe diem”).  But in time we all learn that life really has to be lived to the fullest, each and every day. The impact we make on those around us, with our family, our friends, … <entire article…>

Hockey Premier for the Novice – the History of the N.H.L.

What makes you a Canadian? So, why all the fuss and buzz when the NHL season resumed in January after a long delay. Hockey is truly Canadian. Not surprising, the first hockey games in North America took place in Canada around 1870 when British soldiers stationed in Nova Scotia played on frozen ponds and McGill students faced off against each … <entire article…>

Valentine In 2013 Style

Interestingly, in many places in the world, Valentine’s Day is a time to share love with friends as well as lovers. In some Latin American countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, Valentine’s Day is known as “Día del Amor y la Amistad” (Day of Love and Friendship). In Guatemala it is known as the “Día del Cariño” (Affection … <entire article…>

Crystal Ball Predictions for Oscar

Oscar nominations are in and the entertainment world is a-buzz with predictions and dark horses! Lincoln leads with 12 nominations and Life of Pi, based on Canadian Yann Martel’s award-winning novel, earned 11 nominations, including best picture – a surprise perhaps for some. Each year the awards are predicted by Farsite, a data science firm that uses scientific measures to … <entire article…>

It’s Oscar® time – are you up to the challenge?

WINNER of this year’s challenge is Carol Deacon who is the ONLY contester to get all the correct answers! You won a pair of movie passes to Alliance Cinema in the Beach. Beachers’ Top Choices are: Personal Pick best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis Personal pick best actress: Jennifer Lawerence Personal Pick Best picture: ARGO Personal Pick Best foreign film: Amour WINNER of Personal … <entire article…>

Renovating your diet, health and lifestyle

There’s no doubt about the connect-ion between your diet and lifestyle, and your health. Studies and research continue to tell us that a proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle that embrace a positive approach to life are key to making you fit, better able to resist disease and sickness, even making you more youthful. Think about what you might do … <entire article…>

Beaches 6th Annual Kids Program Open House

Saturday, February 23, 10am-2pm An open house that gives parents and kids (0-16 yrs) the opportunity to meet face to face with the organizers, teachers and coaches from many of the exciting programs available in the Beaches. Participating programs are from all areas including music, sports, science, arts, computers, play groups, tutors, after school programs plus much more. This FREE … <entire article…>

Easter Sunday – Why its date is always so unpredictable?

If you have checked the calendar, Easter Sunday lands on a different date each year. How is the date of Easter calculated? There really isn’t an easy answer. Easter Sunday a true “moveable feast”, falls on a different date each year, determined by a combination of events that involve the lunar cycle, the solar cycle, a 1,700-year-old Church ruling, and the … <entire article…>

Jazz it up to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter wardrobe got you down? Always find opportunities to dress up, especially in the winter. It will make you feel good and want to go out with old friends and meet new ones. By February, many of us are tired of sweaters, sweats and wooly scarves. Here are some ideas to jazz up your look, and at the same time, … <entire article…>