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The Time Feels Right for Me!

Comedian and member of the beloved Canadian hit show “The Kids in the Hall”, Scott Thompson continued to perform one of the main characters on the show after Kids went off the air in 1995, lounge lizard and bon vivant, Buddy Cole. Aside from his recent focus on writing, Scott continues to perform stand-up as himself, and as Buddy. He … <entire article…>

Gardens of Toronto

Toronto is home to many beautiful parks and public gardens. When the pavement is hot and the air thick with humidity, what better place to go than the fresh refuge of one of these Toronto gems? Whether you like a large, never ending green space or a quaint urban oasis, there’s a park for every preference. Allan Gardens Conservatory 19 … <entire article…>

Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You!

As the weather heats up in Ontario, there is an increase in activity. The most “popular” pests are ants, flies, spiders, earwigs and mosquitoes. We all know that these tiny invaders can be good food for birds and other insects, but we don’t want them in our homes and introduce health risks, or when they damage gardens. A few ants … <entire article…>

Beloved Luxe Linen

Linen is the ultimate luxury in summer fabric. Its natural fibres are made from the stalks of the flax plant. For thousands of years, this natural product has been valued for its exceptional qualities. Ancient Egyptians wore it to stay cool in intense desert heat, and European flax growers wove bedding and clothes that were so treasured they were often … <entire article…>

Be Travel – Smart this Summer

Thousands are heading out this time of the year to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. You want all your memories to be great ones, so don’t let a missed flight or a stolen passport make you forget the good times. Here are a few vacation tips to keep you safe, and help you be more “travel-smart”.  Planes, Trains & Automobiles … <entire article…>

Pride Toronto: An Annual LGBT Pride Celebration

Pride Toronto is one of the largest Pride celebrations in North America. This June will be Toronto’s fourth Pride Month, and the 50th year since the Stonewall Riots, which sparked the movement in the USA and around the world. The events that take place from June 1-23 have become a major Canadian arts and cultural event. Everything culminates in the … <entire article…>

Hot Summer Patio Hop and Win!

$100, $40 & 3x$20 Beaches-Living-$$ Beaches-Living-$$ enjoy the patios on the beach UPDATE – Congratulations to our Lucky Patio Goers! Annual Summer Patio Contest: was surely hot and smoky. The submissions were overwhelming. It shows you know your local diners, and shares your personal favourites! Prize winners are: 1st Prize – $100 BL Gift Certificate: Linda Boyko 2nd Prize – … <entire article…>

Eat the Rainbow to a Healthier You!

The 5 colors you need to eat on a regular basis to enhance your health! EAT RED FOR HEART HEALTH Rich in the phytonutrients lycopene and anthocyanin, which benefit the circulatory system, improving blood pressure, organ function and circulation. Red foods also offer sun protection from harmful UV damage. EAT PURPLE FOR LONGEVITY  Contain the most antioxidants of all the … <entire article…>

Coming Out Proud Movies

It’s never just one moment – it’s an ongoing journey. Ask anyone who’s done it; they’ll all have a coming out story. It’s a process that can be terrifying, exhilarating, heartbreaking and confidence-building. There are so many films that cover the subject: from high school to discovery in later life, from passion to awkwardness. Beaches|life has gathered together some of … <entire article…>