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Topping your “95 Summer Days”

From June 1 to the end of Labour Day, we’ve got 95 glorious days of summer to enjoy – that’s three months of hot days, warm evenings, dining al fresco on a patio and picnics on the beach. This time, however, can go by quickly. Is there something you have always wanted to do each summer but just keep missing … <entire article…>

Turning your home Inside Out – Expand your summer living outdoors

Outdoor living has new meaning these days. The old style of lawn chairs and picnic table has been replaced with a comfortable lounge and dinner space. The traditionally indoor fabric styles are now seen everywhere in the outdoor design. Bringing the indoors outdoors has never been easier. New weather-resistant materials have made today’s outdoor living stylish and low maintenance. It’s … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Send us a photo of your Secret Beaches Spot with a brief description. If we feature it you will receive a set of BBQ tools. Email your photo by July 10, 2013 to info@beachesliving.ca. A favourite spot of mine… especially first thing in the morning… it’s a little piece of country in the city… Valérie L. Tell us where the … <entire article…>

Amazing, Awesome Arugula

Many of us in recent years have “fallen in love” with arugula, that peppery, salad green that seems to go with almost everything. As a cool water plant, arugula is an ideal salad green for growing in Canada. It grows well in the early growing season (May through June) and the late season (September to November). In the hot summer, … <entire article…>

Dad, Father, Papa, Papá, mon père, Pops, Old Man – you bet! The best Father’s day gift is a day to remember

Every mom loves flowers and cards with expressions of love and admiration. What about the father in your life? Before this Father’s Day rolls around this year, take some time and remember the legacies of your father that carry through you. Although we don’t tend to see it, men are emotional, they just show it differently. Whether or not they’ve … <entire article…>

Flip ‘da Flop

Footwear is no longer just what “matches” your outfit – shoes, sandals and boots have been elevated to a fashion statement. This summer’s styles mirror the strong statements of fashion in general this season: colour, sparkle, bohemian touches and bling! Just remember, “put your best foot forward!” Check out these trends in summer sandals and shoes, for men and women: … <entire article…>

Customers love a celebration & they will celebrate along with you!

When is the last time you celebrated a milestone? Most businesses celebrate opening day or a special milestone. But why not add a few more celebrations to the list? You’ve got lots to celebrate – length of years, new products and services, achieving awards, etc. The positive attitude you build with celebrations helps build trust with customers and gives you … <entire article…>

It Could Be Your Basement… Preventing and protecting your basement from summer flooding

When we hear about natural disasters around the world, it is a relief that we are not part of it. Living in Toronto, we are fortunate to not be located where natural disasters frequent; such as tornados, large earthquakes, wildfires etc. But don’t forget, many houses in Toronto each year get flooded basements. It happens often in our city homes … <entire article…>

Gadgets to increase your Summer Fun!

You can never be too careful protecting your precious gadgets, especially if you are out having fun, but here are a few items that are designed to make it a bit easier. BOOM Urchin Water-Resistant Speaker It’s Bluetooth wireless and water-resistant! Use it in the shower, at the beach, on a hike, or attach it to your bike.  This portable … <entire article…>