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Beaches Robot, The Willow Wagon, wins big!

Students at Glen Ames Public School in the Beaches recently won second place in the product category for Innovation Solution at the Legoland North American Open Competition in California, competing against 80 teams from around the world. The team of grade 7 and 8 students designed, built and programmed a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS that automatically feeds the right proportion … <entire article…>

The Story of our Beloved Flag

When Canada was created, with Confederation in 1867, we became the Dominion of Canada. The new country needed a flag, so the first flag used for Canada was the flag of the Governor General of Canada. This was the Union Flag (most know it as the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain), but it had a shield in the … <entire article…>

Tips for Healthy Hair & Nails

There are so many products on the market the promote “shiny healthy hair” and “beautiful strong nails.” But one of the best ways to give your hair and nails a boost is from the inside out! It’s your overall health, what you eat and how you take care of yourself that has the biggest impact. Feed Your Hair Eating for … <entire article…>

The Ultimate Canadian Treat – Butter tarts!

The buttertart is quintessentially Canadian. For well over a hundred years, it has been associated with Canadian cooks. The earliest printed recipes go back to the 1900s, but we know that this traditional dessert was made much earlier by settlers, both English and French (in French it is known as tarte au sucre or treacle tart). Most food historians figure … <entire article…>

Canada Quiz

How Canadian are you?  Take the Canada quiz and find out if you are smarter than a 5th grader… 1. What is Canada’s motto? A – Mari Usque Ad Mare/From sea to sea B – Fortis et Liber/Strong and free C – Splendor Sine Occasu/Splendour without diminishment D – Quaerite Prime Regnum Dei/Seek ye first the Kingdom of God 2. … <entire article…>

Celebrating Birthdays at the Movies

With Canada’s 150th birthday in full swing, we thought, why not celebrate along with all of our readers with movies that either are all about birthdays or their plot is focussed around a birthday. This month, skip the popcorn, get yourself a nice big slice of cake, make a wish and enjoy some movies that celebrate birthdays.       … <entire article…>

Patio Talk and Win

$100, $40 & 3x$20 Beaches-Living-$$ Enjoy the patios on the beach Canadian Summers are all about patios! It’s relaxing, sociable and fun. Share your favourite patios anywhere in the Beaches area for a chance to win. Beaches|Life is giving away Beaches-Living-$$ to your choice of: Boston Pizza–Lakeshore & Leslie Casa di Giorgio Ristorante McDonald’s @ Woodward Swiss Chalet @ Glen … <entire article…>

Tell it, Wave it, Map it! Celebrate Canada’s 150th Together

Everyone has a Canadian storyto tell, what’s yours? Beaches Living Guide Special  Canada 150 edition portrayed a rich diversification of Canadian Culture. Share your family stories & photos at beachesliving.ca/MyCanadaStory Share your waving flags on the MAP whenever and wherever you arein the world and beyond… Let’s show the rest of Toronto, Canada and the world that we love … <entire article…>

Money Saving Apps

So many apps out there that help you save the most, spend the least, and make life a little easier. Even saving a few dollars each week can really add up, so pick an app to help put a bit of extra away in a savings plan or for that next special purchase.  Cut your gas bill with GasBuddy – No … <entire article…>