Kids Open House 2011

Event Photos
Feb. 19, 2011 at Beaches Recreation Centre.
Hosted by Beaches Living

About The Event...
SponsorsSpecial Thank You to our event volenteers Lorraine Daigle and Jason Zhou.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and the local businesses who showcased their programs and services to help kids live their dreams!
Participating Businesses and contacts: Alyona Dance Studio (416-699-8042), Beach Swim School (416-271-3814), Beaches Oxford Learning (416-686-1430), Beaches Rec Centre (416-392-0740), Broadview Community Youth Group (416-907-8002), Biastoch Chiropractic (416-724-7574), Cherry Beach Soccer Club (416-367-4359), Click Camp Workshops (416-690-9930), Da Vinci Creative Learning Centre (647-233-3848), DeSantos Premier Martial Arts Studio (416-699-5078), Gerrard Square (416-461-0964); Kuma Karate-Do (416-738-5255), Little Kickers (905-903-5437), Monkey Magoo's Party & Playhouse (416-693-1048), Police, 55 Division (416-808-5500), Psychology Is Growth (416-698-0999), S.M.A.R.T. (416-894-2267), Sportplay (416-465-7439), St. Patrick C.S.S. (416-393-5546), Sylvan Learning Centre (416-691-7323), The Dance Theatre Studio (416-409-9221), The S.P.A.C.E. (416-850-1677), Toronto Fire Services (416-979-4964) & Vince Parrell’s Dance Centre (416-699-8277).