Photos by John Wallace of Beach Photo Club

Halloween in the Beaches

A little over 25 years when I moved to the Beach Triangle, a house at the corner of Columbine and Rainsford was the first in the neighbourhood to venture beyond carved pumpkins and stage Halloween extravaganzas. Over the years more and more people have begun to take delight in exercising their imaginations in decorating their homes to celebrate the Eve of All Saints Day. Indeed, Halloween now rivals Christmas in this respect. though it is seems to me that in terms of creativity and variety Halloween is ahead.

This year, before dusk began to descend and the ghouls and goblins ventured forth, I thought I would take my new Kodak digital camera for a spin. Though overcast, the light was perfect for appreciating the autumn colours in all their saturated richness. I really should have allowed myself more time to enjoy the full scope of imagination in the Beach. As it was I found that as I wandered along Love Crescent, Glenmount Park, Waverly, Bellefair and Wheeler I would have to stop every few houses to admire another display of ingenuirty. Of course this was a great opportunity to speak to my neighbours in the Beach, In doing so a I was told I shouldn't miss the elaborate presentation in the new Woodbine community So as pink crept into the sky, I rushed over to enjoy the ghastly glow of visions from the grave.

John Wallace