January 21st, 2022
Beaches Living - 10+ Years and Counting

Q7. What business has been in the Beach the longest? Over 65 years! (P39)

10 Years and Counting

Everyday, there is someone somewhere celebrating a milestone. This year marks Beaches Living Guide's 10th year in publication.

10 Years of Connecting...

In 2003, it was a simple idea - a resource book to help local residents easily find the information they need, delivered right to their homes: services, retail stores, community groups, clubs and associations, stories of local history, unique landmarks, events and milestones.

The premier issue of the Beaches Living Guide was launched on July 17, 2004 at the Toronto Beaches Lions' Clubhouse at Ashbridge's Bay, along with its website,

Our commitment to work alongside local business owners and serve our community, making it a better place to live, work and visit is more meaningful to us than ever. It is best summarized by our readers, who write: "The Better Living Guide...

To Beaches Living Guide. It never ceases to amaze me the things I learn from your publication, even after living in this area for many years. Congratulations on your APEX award. Keep up the excellent work. Sincerely, Carole Baldwin
I received the Beaches Living Guide F/W 12/13. It is absolutely superb! It is probably the best piece of printing in a magazine form that I've seen in years. Congratulations and thank you ever so much. Beach Resident


  • Helped over 600 local businesses
  • Supported over 40 community groups and associations
  • Reached over 1.1 million readers through our combined Beaches Living Guide and Beaches|Life magazine.
  • Over 40,000 online visitors monthly (
  • Over 150 local history and landmark articles
  • Engaged over 100 people with their expertise, knowledge and professional skills who believed in us

And it all started from one simple question, "How can we be better connected and informed?"

Congratulations on your 10, 20, 30+ years of serving your community

We are celebrating our 10th year milestone with local businesses also serving the Beaches community for the last 10 years or more.

From the beginning, we've helped you, local business owners, tell your story and keep you in front of our readers. We salute your commitment and continued success in serving our community. THANK YOU!

We want to commemorate every business that's operated for a decade or more by the same owner. These are highlighted below with some stories of times past.

We tried to be as complete and accurate as possible, but will continue to update online. If you have been missed on this list, SUBMIT your information so we can publish it on our website:

Company Owners Years Address
Avalon Children's Montessori School Christine Keery, Angie Samis, Sherry VanDerKooi 13 2181 Queen St. E. & 31 Wood Glen Rd.
AIX-EN-TRIC Jewellery Nirvana & Armen 10 2144 Queen St. E.
Balsam Dental Laurie Evans 10+ 2200 Queen St. E.
Beach Dental Dr. George Oszoli 14 1897 Queen St. E.
Beach Denture Clinic Dr. Menely Lainas 25 1897 Queen St. E.
Beach Solar Laundromat Alex Winch 10+ 1897 Queen St. E.
Beach Yoga Centre David Gellineau 10+ 1977 Queen St. E., 2nd floor
Beaches Animal Hospital Dr. Mark Dilworth 30+ 2304 Queen St. E.
Beaches Health Group Kelly Robazza 20 2212 Queen St. E.
Beaches Living Guide Hong Zhao 10 2255B Queen St. E.
Beaches Oxford Learning Centre Angela Marseglia 10+ 2191 Queen St. E.
Beaches Wellness Centre Dr. Johanna Carlo 15 2277 Queen St. E.
Beadworks Jo Penny 24 2154 Queen St. E.
Bow Thai Ron 10 1970 Queen St. E.
Canadian Dyers & Cleaners Jim Lieu 18 1597 Queen St. E.
Casa Di Giorgio Ristorante Ted Havaris 10 1646 Queen St. E.
Castle Park Playschool Ella Dembeck 10+ 1971 Queen St. E.
Castro's Lounge Anthony Greene 18 2116 Queen St. E.
Chick-N-Joy John Doufek 16 1483 Queen St. E.
The Chopping Block Jay McNish 12 2256 Queen St. E.
Classic Fireplace & Gourmet Grills Josh Malcolm 10 1828 Queen St. E.
Club Ink Warren Vesak 12 2195 Gerrard St. E.
Corso Shoes Vince and Gina Ferri 28 1942 Queen St. E.
Cycle Solutions Nelson & Roger Martins 12 615 Kingston Rd.
Dance Kids Canada Miss Amanda 12 1351 Woodbine Ave.
Danforth Lumber Company Doug Plourde 36 25 Dawes Rd.
Danforth Roofing Supply Ltd. Ron A. 67 3145 Danforth Ave.
Days Inn Toronto East Beaches Ron Chemij 21 1684 Queen St. E.
Dentistry on Main Street Dr. Teodoro H.C. Tsang Jr. 21 124 Main St.
Details Barbara 16 1006 Kingston Rd.
Dr. Jay Rabinovich, D.D.S. Debbie & Jay Rabinovich 10+ 2480 Gerrard St. E., Suite 3
Dr. Jeff Margolian Jeff Margolian 20+ 1989 Queen St. E.
Drain Experts Wayne Nosko 40  
Ecocern David Lewis 35 4 Nursewood Rd.
Ed's Real Scoop Ed Francis 13 2224 Queen St. E.
El Sol Mexican Restaurant Yolanda & Gonzalo Paez 22 1448 Danforth Ave.
ENDS Clothing   31 1930 Queen St. E.
FitnessWorks For Women Inc. Ariella Tsafatinos 10 2171 Queen St. E.
Fitzgerald's Pub 23 2298 Queen St. E.
Fred's Sports Ltd. Fred Trembly 35 1044 Kingston Rd.
Fun With Music Together Wendy Coles 10 2181 Queen St. E.
Garden Gate Restaurant   10+ 2379 Queen St. E.
Hair Dynamix & Spa Joe & Carm Rizza 15 2090 Queen St. E.
Hallmark Cards Joan Park 15 2140-A Queen St. E.
Healthy Earth Bilingual Nursery Donna Watson 22 2206 Queen St. E.
Honey's Beestro   30+ 2232 Queen St. E.
Hoopers Pharmacy Joseph Hsu 22 2136 Queen St. E.
Horizon Martial Arts Mark Evans 10+ 2210 Queen St. E., Unit #5
Ho's Fine Art & Custom Framing Ho 10+ 2142A Queen St. E.
Ida's Art Studio Ida Tong 15 21 Victoria Park Ave.
Incurable Collector Anna & Jose Alexandre 28 1945 Queen St. E.
internet : intelligence inc. Lee Godfrey 13 2255B Queen St. E. #1126
Intuitive Touch Therapies Patricia Rose 10+ 1912 Queen St. E.
Jaimco Doors and Windows Andrea 10+ 631 Kingston Rd.
Japango Sushi & Noodle Restaurant   10+ 2209 Queen St. E.
Jente Salon & Spa Leonard Colo 10+ 2116-D Queen St. E.
Kew Beach Health Naturopathic Clinic Helena Ovens 19 2010 Queen St. E., 2nd floor
Kids at Home Marg Gillespie 12 2086 Queen St. E.
Kingston Road Flower Market Dana and Helena 23 966 Kingston Rd.
Kuma Karate Ken Benson 14 1810 Queen St. E.
Lion on the Beach Bruce Fair 31 1958 Queen St. E.
Little Kickers Frank & Christine Stanschus 11 47 Leuty Ave.
Little Tots Hair Shop Chris Dowell 10+ 1926 Queen St. E.
Living Lighting in the Beach Norton Abramson 26 1841 Queen St. E.
Loving Nature Natural Foods Ellen Godfrey 10 1049 Kingston Rd.
Lucina Birth Services Rean Cross 10 206 Willow Ave.
M for Mendocino Jan Kaplan & Norma Caron 26 2020 Queen St. E.
Mara Mara Sommerville 32 2189 Queen St. E.
Meat on the Beach Anna Skalko 17 1860 Queen St. E.
Metro Hound Dogwash & Dog Gear   11 1003 Kingston Rd.
Michael Prue MPP   26 1821 Danforth Ave.
Midoco Art & Office Supplies Cecile & Mike Cramer 35 1964 Queen St. E.
Mira's Vintage Boutique Mira Staples 17 2238 Queen St. E.
Mourguet Mourguet Brothers 15+ 1918 Queen St. E.
Murphy's Law Irish Pub Mike Chad 10+ 1702 Queen St. E.
Nature's Footwear Janice & Kyle Burden 35 1971a Queen St. E.
North Shores Dental Marlen Reyes 10+ 916 Kingston Rd.
Pegasus Studios Jane Davis-Munro 26 361 Glebeholme Blvd.
Posh Boutique Aileen Selkirk 24 2016 Queen St. E.
Quarry Café John Fung 10 2560 Gerrard St. E.
Queen Compact Cars Joseph Jeremiah 40 2233 Queen St. E.
Radical Awakening Centre Catherine Allon 15 11A Walter St.
Real Estate Homeward Brokerage Deirdre and Roger Gallibois 16 1858 Queen St. E.
Robert Gore & Associates Robert Gore 10+ 1238 Kingston Rd.
Salon Fortelli and Spa Vince Meleca 10 1803 Queen St. E.
Sauvignon Vin Bistro Gregoire Godin 10+ 1862 Queen St. E.
Savoury Grounds 10+ 959 Kingston Rd.
Scarboro Music Frank Matale 40 1051 Kingston Rd.
Seagull Classics Ltd. Peter/Bruce Smith & Jennifer Jones 28 1974 Queen St. E.
Seaspray Restaurant 10+ 629 Kingston Rd.
Set Me Free Lita Yu 13 2130 Queen St. E.
Specchio Hair Design Maria Palumbo 10 1899 Queen St. E.
Spectrum Gallery Imsoon Jung 10+ 991 Kingston Rd.
Sylvan Learning Centre Andie McGeachie 12 1089 Kingston Rd.
Tanning Escape Solarium Anna Christensen 10+ 2076 Queen St. E., 2nd floor
Thai House Cuisine Tanya Porn 12 2213 Queen St. E.
The Ad Company Gerry 10+ 2207A Queen St. E.
The Anderson Press Colin Colowski 45 1570 Queen St. E.
The Beach Barber Cuts Chris Gonsalves 12+ 1878 Queen St. E.
The Beacher Café Peter Martineau 10 2162 Queen St. E.
The Sewing Basket Daphne Dutton 18 910 Kingston Rd.
The Tulip Steakhouse Paulina Lui 10+ 1610 Queen St. E.
The UPS Store Larry Bryan 10 2255B Queen St. E.
The Wardrobe Designer Lena Tinitis 32 1878 1/2 Queen St. E.
Threads Lifestyle Steven Cross 10 950 Kingston Rd.
Trinity Gallery Gayle Bussett & Marie Schweishelm 18 926 Kingston Rd.
Vacuum Chek Max Pend 11 1856 Queen St. E.
Valu-mart Carol and Graham Price 12 2266 Queen St. E.
Vets Toronto & Kingston Road Animal Hospital   10+ 1025 Kingston Rd.
Vital Precision Dance Company Vince Parrell 25+ 276 Main St.
Woods Pharmacy Leslie L. 30 130 Kingston Rd.
Young Filmmakers Workshop Craig Mullins 12 St. Denis School, 67 Balsam Ave.
Yumei Sushi Young Leeder 18 2116 Queen St. E.
Zilberschmuck Cheryl Fraser 10+ 910 Kingston Rd.
It seems not long ago when I was the new kid on the block. And now we have been here for 28 years. - Norton Abramson, Living Lighting in the Beach
...It was at this time that Joe Hsu acquired the franchise and began the work of establishing his business as a fixture in the Beach community. He worked long hours, gaining loyal customers with his attention to friendliness and great service... - Staff at Hoopers Pharmacy
Choosing the beach to work and raise a family was the best decision we've ever made! We try when ever we can to use local merchants and professionals for all our business needs, we support community initiatives and we get to know our neighbours. Thank you Beachers for an awesome 15 years! - Dr Jo & the practitioners and staff of the Beaches Wellness Centre
I believe that one of the secrets behind our success is that we are a family owned and operated business.... - Hair Dynamix
The secret of my success? The short answer is passion. I love dogs and I love the people in this community... - Metro Hound Dogwash & Dog Gear
I am nominating this OUTSTANDING place for hand made silver jewellery of all kinds. Tthey also size rings etc. The owners are talented, friendly, and very fair priced. Lots of integrity within their work and business practice. I am not affiliated with them at all but I have been a patron for many years and look forward to the good guys doing well! - Peter K, for Mourguet
...we have an incredibly supportive community. From our first day of classes 26 years ago, Pegasus has been supported by family, neighbours and community organizations... These two factors have made coming to work every day for the past 26 years a pleasure! - Pegasus Studio
The support and loyalty of our customers - just a huge thanks to every one of them. Every time someone shops local it makes a difference. - Steven Cross, Threads Lifestyle

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