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An Exemplary Young Beacher

Mark Killin was the second place winner in the Beaches Halloween Decoration Contest. Now 16, Mark's delight in preparing elaborate Halloween decorations began 10 years ago in helping his dad. Conceiving an overall design first, Mark, making use of materials collected over the years , assembled his winning effort, now with his dad aiding him., over a period of 4 weeks. Currently in grade 11 at Danforth Tech. Mark is enthusiastic about his course and instructors in art and dramatic arts and hopes in the future to become a set designer, eventually setting up his own company and even getting into film direction. Recently Mark, as part of a team from Danforth, was honoured for another accomplishment. At a robot design competition at the Ontario Science Centre, his school's creation came second. A well rounded lad, Mark is keen on sports and plays on both hockey and baseball teams. Mark's activities are nurtured by a close and supportive extended family which has helped him weather the death of his mother this year from cancer. Mark seems well on the way to becoming a well grounded and successful young man.

By John Wallace of Beach Photo Club

The WINNERS of our first Beaches Halloween Contest are:

#14__74 Lyall Av.


#32__31 Haslett Ave


#39__52 Wheeler Ave

Honorable Mentions:
  • Best decorated pumpkin #30
  • Best personally made decoration #27
  • Best graveyard #31
  • Best use of skulls #26
  • Best stuffed dummy #41
  • Best animal decoration #29
  • Best pre-made expression #24
  • Our Special Thanks to John Wallace of Beach Photo Club for the rich collection of contest photos.


    The 3 houses with the most votes will receive a prize above.  Winning houses will be announced on this website.


    a. $100 gift certificate good towards any selection of on-premise wine;
    b. 18bl plus turkey (not cooked);
    c. $100 gift certificate towards your wild games meal.

    #1 __ 5 Brookmount Ave.

    #2 __ 81 Glen Davis Cr.

    #3 __ 128 Waverly Rd.

    #4 __ 71 Joseph Duggan Rd.

    #5 __ 130 Waverly Rd.

    #6 __ 80 Sarah Ashbridge Av.

    #7 __ 56 Sarah Ashbridge Av.

    #8 __ 59 Joseph Duggan Rd.

    #9 __ 71 Joseph Duggan Rd.

    #10 __ 58 Winner's Circle

    #11 __ 37 Brookmount Rd.

    #12__80 Wheeler Av.

    #13__78 Wheeler Av.

    #14__74 Lyall Av.

    #15__64 Layll Av.

    #16__62Hambly Ave

    #17__64 Bellefair Av.

    #18__409 Scarborough Rd.

    #19__343 Scarborough Rd.

    #20__301 Scarborough Rd.

    #21__299 Scarborough Rd.

    #22__261 Kingswood Rd

    #23__242 Kingswood Rd

    #24__215 Wineva Av.

    #25__126 Bellefair Ave

    #26__106 Lawlor Ave

    #27__51 Herbert Ave

    #28__49 Pickering St

    #29__43 Lee Ave

    #30__31 Lawlor Ave

    #31__31 Herbert Ave

    #32__31 Haslett Ave

    #33__29 Waverly Rd

    #34__27 Hambly Ave

    #35__93 Bellefair Ave

    #36__26 Lyall Ave

    #37__59 Joseph Duggan Rd

    #38__53 Elmer Ave

    #39__52 Wheeler Ave

    #40__38 Hambly Ave

    #41__22 Bingham Av.

    #42__170 Glenmount Park Rd

    #43__166 Glenmount Park Rd

    #44__166 Glenmount Park Rd
    Our Special Thanks to John Wallace, president of Beach Photo Club for the rich colleciton of photos.


    • Email your photo to:
    • Information includes street number, the name of your decoration if any
    • Your photo will be published on this page with reference number
    • All photos must be submitted by the WITCHING HOUR on MONDAY OCT. 31 (date has been revised due to the weather)


    • Viewers and visitors send in your vote by email for your very own 3 favorites
    • Submission include the reference number of the photo and your comments if any
    • All votes must be submitted by WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2nd (date has been revised due to the weather)
    Last year, we published some photos of the imaginative ways neighbours decked out their homes for Halloween. This year we are holding our first Beaches Halloween Contest.
    For last year photos by John Wallace, visit:
    Halloween in the Beaches 04.