Think you have the most bewitching house in the
Beaches? Send us a photo and you could win.
Check out your neighbours’ haunted houses and vote on the one you like the best.

& Prizes:

The 3 houses with the most votes will receive on of the prize below:
- 18 lb plus turkey (not cooked) from Meat on the Beach
- $70 dinner certificate at Bow Thai
- $50 store certificate at The Chopping Block

Email Address: This contest is presented by Beaches Living Guide

Beaches Hounted House 2006 Contest WINNERS are:

Winner #1
#11__134 Willow Ave
Winner #2

#30 __464 Kingswood Rd

Winner #3

#21 __169 Silverbirch Ave

The 48 houses featured attest to the vibrant creativity of residents in the Beach community. Many a haunted house drew crowds eager to take their own photos of the creepy, fantastical, and ghoulish sights.

More than 100 votes were cast for those Haunted Houses featured in the contest, even from as far away as Etobicoke and London England. Whether voting for a friend and neighbour or studiously assessing which house exhibited the most artistic or warped sensibility, participants had a whale of a good time as evident in comments like:

"I would like to cast my vote for #11, 134 Willow Avenue and the best and most sincere Halloween project in the area. This fellow has been doing this longer than any one else in the Beach and should be awarded for starting the tradition."

" They remind me of when I was living in the beaches. I now live in London and people don't celebrate Halloween like you do in Canada - have fun!"

" Well, all the pictures and efforts people made are really fantastic. Great stuff you guys are doing at Beaches Living."

"Thank-you for running this truly interesting contest"

Honorable Mentions:
  • Best decorated pumpkin - # 10
  • Best Sarcophagus - #28
  • Best Haunted Graveyard - #43
  • Best Entry to Lose One's Head Over - #48
  • Caspar the Ghost Award - #39
  • Creepest Skeleton Award - #40
  • Rosemary's Baby Award - #1
  • Martha Stewart Country Living Award -#27

    For results about Haunted Shops, go to Beaches Haunted Shops Decoration Contest.
    Thanks John Wallace of Beach Photo Club and Beaches residents for the fascinating photos!

  • Beaches Hounted House 2006 Contest Showcase:

    #1 __7 Lawlor Ave
    "I really like the creepy baby carrige"
    "what my view Halloween is, scary "

    #2 __16 Lawlor Ave

    #3 __19 Enderby Rd
    "halloween can celebrate more than just scary sights in can be decorative"

    #4 __26 Lyall Ave
    "looks very traditional Halloween—frightening with the big spidy and the skulls"

    #5 __ 31 Malvern Ave

    #6__41 Lawlor Ave

    #7 __63 Benlamond Ave

    #8__65 Lyall Ave

    #9__116 Malvern Ave

    #10 __126 Malvern Ave
    "brings out the funny of halloween"

    #11__134 Willow Ave
    "I really like the stone castle background"
    "very fun the little creatures and the yard looks authentic scary"


    #13 __94 Kingswood Rd

    #14 __6 Kingswood Rd

    #15 __4 Kingswood Rd

    #16 __169 Silverbirch Ave
    "I really like the crazy looking troll(plus smoke) "

    #17 __125 Silverbirch Ave

    #18 __140 Willow Ave

    #19 __169 Silverbirch Ave

    #20 __168 Kingswood Rd

    #21 __169 Silverbirch Ave

    #22 __174 Silverbirch Ave

    #23 __210 Balsam Ave

    #24 __242 Willow Ave

    #25 __248 Kingswood Rd

    #26 __286 Willow Ave

    #27 __299 Scarborough Rd

    #28 __332 Victoria Pk

    #29 __343 Scarborough Rd

    #30 __464 Kingswood Rd
    "original to focus on roof rather than steps."
    " I love the giant jack-o-lantern and the black cat!"
    "I think that number 30 should win, it's more creative than the others, and creates a perfect Halloween image.

    #31 __208 Bingham Ave

    #32 __84 Joseph Duggan Rd

    #33 __94 Joseph Duggan Rd

    #34 __97 Winners Circlen

    #35 __124 Boardwalk Dr

    #36 __160 Boardwalk Dr

    #37 __178 Boardwalk Dr

    #38 __26 Kenilworth Ave

    #39 __27 Kippendavie Ave

    #40 __29 Waverly Rd

    #41 __41 Joseph Duggan Rd

    #42 __43 Joseph Duggan Rd

    #43 __45 Sarah Ashbridge Ave

    #44 __48 Sarah Ashbridge Ave

    #45 __80 Sarah Ashbridge Ave

    #46__164 Lee Ave

    #47__164 Lee Ave

    #48__50 Pickering St

    Thanks John Wallace of Beach Photo Club and Beaches residents for the fascinating photos!

    Bellow are the rules for this year's contest

    This year, we’re running two contests: Haunted Houses and Haunted Shops. Whooo has the best haunted shop?

    To find out, go to Beaches Haunted Shops Decoration Contest.

    Have a boo at the last year’s entries and winners. Go to Halloween 05: An Exemplary Young Beacher

    Send us a photo of your Haunted House and you could WIN:

    • Email your photo (file size less than 200 kb) to:
    • Include your street address and the name of your decoration if any.
    • We will display your photo on this page with a reference number .
    • All photos must be submitted by the WITCHING HOUR on Tuesday, October 31
    • We will feature the winners on our website at

    VOTE for your Favorites and You Could WIN:

      Send us your top 3 choices from the photos below with the photo number, your name and comments to: by Sunday, November 5th.
    WIN: the first 20 people who vote for one of the winning shop windows will receive a FREE Fox cinema pass for two....